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The Firing in 2-3 Ranks (Suggestion)
« on: March 29, 2019, 03:38:44 pm »
   I just love firing in two or three Ranks, which can be sometimes a problem if it is not done properly.
   I am also following the game Battle Cry of Freedom and I saw you are able to lean to the left and right with a key-combination.
   This would make it much more comfortable for the Rear Rank, also for the Center Rank if a formation is in 3 Ranks.

   So my suggestion is that the Developers could include that if they have the time to do that.
Using a key combination like, for example, Shift+D(A) or Strg/Ctrl+D(A) and you make one Step to the Right (Left), so you can lean with their muskets on the Right (Left) Shoulder of the File-Leader (person in front of you); BUT this should only work if you're aiming and in standing position. So not for soldiers who kneels and when you're not aiming.

   Which leads for more comfortable ways firing in 2-3 ranks without much difficulties.

   How it should be done, well, the Developers could think about it if they like the idea.

   But what do you think about this? Is this a MUST HAVE for you or more a "nice feature" or not a good idea? Write it in the comments and tell how you would use it if you agree.
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