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« on: May 13, 2019, 07:54:23 pm »
Hello devs and other community members, I first off want to introduce myself. I am Hess, and I have been in the NW/NaS community for 4-5 years. I had lead many regiments in all specialties throughout my time. I have recently retired from M and B and plan to come back when this game or Battle Cry of Freedom is released. Anyways, time for suggestions. If any of these suggestions have already been added, then just say so.

1. Allow alliances during events. I know that historically, there were many different factions fighting against each other during battles in the American Revolution. For instance, allow the Native and British faction to fight against the USA and France in 1 battle. For the alliances, I would suggest a limit on the units because if the battle has the US and British fighting exclusively then I wouldn't want to see more Natives than British or more French than Americans. I would recommend unit limits like 15% of Natives and French while the USA and UK have 75% limits.

2. Please enact a Mount and Blade casual type of experience. I am all for lining up and shooting but it's not very fun at least for me and a few other veterans when all we do is shoot and nothing else. Try to create a balance between melee and shooting so that it would suit all types of regiments to prevent 1 type of regiment and only 1 type.

3. Create preset maps that are open and flat with some strategic hills or positions. One thing in the M and B community that was annoying during events was the constant map changing. People would crash and servers would lag. Or if preset maps are out of the picture, create a map generator that isn't as bad as M and B's.

4. Add tons of different weapons to suit the era and create a sense of specialization. For instance, rifles should be better at shooting than muskets, but there are less riflemen. Militiamen aren't as accurate as a line but are able to be in rigid formations. Obviously, I do not know the exact numbers because the game and events haven't kicked off. I also was giving examples of what types of specialization and these are not 100 percent, but I am assuming you see the idea.

5. Mods, oh yes mods. I would like to see the community come out with custom maps and skins for the game and overall enhance the experience of the game. In other words, allow people to create clientside or server-wide mods to enhance our experience and make the game more enjoyable than it already is.

With that being said, I am very excited to play this game whenever it comes out. I am looking forward to a great experience on the forums, with the community and devs, and lastly with the game as a whole. Thank you for reading my suggestions and I hope you take them into account if you feel they are fit.


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Re: Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2019, 11:43:16 pm »
Hey Hess,

Thanks for the good and detailed suggestions. We will look into them.
For maps, we already have a few preset maps that are designed with event-like linebattling in mind.

Feel free to keep suggesting.
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