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Hello, it's finally time we post the MEGA blog. We would have posted this sooner if outside factors hadn't delayed us.

So without further ado we hope you enjoy!

Player Construction.

Sappers are now playable in the build, above are some of the defensive objects that sappers have at their disposal. Sappers will also play a larger role in sieges but we won't be covering that today.

Major Earthworks.

Not placeable by sappers (but map makers) but repairable with shovels working together with other players will help keep the defenses raised. Cannons and other explosives will damage and lower them. These objects will allow sieges to have more dynamic defenses onces the outer walls are breached we expect these to be a teams last defense.

Permanent Structures.

We've tried to make everything in Whigs & Tories destructable in siege scenarios. We want defenders to cling onto ruins while fighting off the attacking force. To help the attackers we have also added in a visual health display on walls so you know how far gone a structure is and where best to focus your cannon fire.

Here's an example.

New Weapons

In one of the mini blogs we showed off our new Musket model (thanks to Jordan) and now we have some new swords and a Kentucky rifle!

NCO Troops.

Players can now express their junior authority with NCO playable units.

Faces & Customizing your players.

WaT has many faces and customizable options to choose from such as eyes colour, skin colour, facial hair colour, hair colour, hair model, facial hair model, secondary models such as glasses, bandages, pipes etc.

#There is no warping of the facial models at this time.

New Units.

Players now have many different regiments and classes to choose from!

Boston, raining.

Bunker Hill, sunny.

Piggie farm, no piggies present atm, sunny.

Plantation, sunny.

Alpha Map, snow.

West Field, morning.

Pretty and well optimized, your CPU and GPU can rest easy knowing we've got your back mid tier PC users.

UI Revamping

A clean, easier on the eye and overall faster UI for players. We have more to cover on this in the coming blogs.
Thats all for now.

Great work on all this!
Can't wait to try it out in game

Awesome!! The screenshot at the bottoms animation gives me the greatest satisfaction x)

Long Tree:
Looks really good !!!

James Brock:
Excellent to see!  8) 8)


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