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Glover's 14th Continental
« on: January 28, 2019, 02:05:06 pm »
With the semi confirmation of marines in the game, I have decided to start a regiment based upon them.

Glover's 14th Continental Regiment
I, in real life, reenact for the 14th. I own and shoot muskets, participate in battles and skirmishes, and wear 18th century kit.
So, it is only natural to make a 14th Regiment. I hope that in the future, if ships are added, we will be the navy of the United States.
We will do cerimonial commemorations as well, like the delaware crossing and such

If anyone is interested, please pm me!
Glover's 14th Marblehead Bloo


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Re: Glover's 14th Continental
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wrong spot bud.. if only i was a mod

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