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Development Blog 16 - What's Next?



I'm going with a different blog style today.
Hello and welcome to Blog 16 - What's next?

We regret to inform you our kickstarter was unsuccessful, we tried our best and waited 2 years to give it a shot but it seems it wasn't meant to be. We will not be launching another one.

Thank you to everyone who backed us we managed to raise 3,200 which isn't terrible for a community our size. Though all of this will be returned as we didn't reach our goal.

Let's start the blog off with answering some questions

Will the game be cancelled? : No, kickstarter was there for us to make the game that extra bit special. You will feel the difference from our first release build compared to our final patch. The game we release will be a shadow of what we're capable of but without funding we just cant do it.

Can we still buy Alpha? : Yes, Alpha is now back on sale. Price has been lowered from 75 > 50 -

What's next? : Well RSE isn't discouraged we're still working on the project but we'd like some time to ourselves. We're going to go quiet for a few months until we're ready to begin the 2nd phase of testing (Beta). This means Alpha testing will be limited to play sessions.

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Until the next blog.
The RSE Boys.


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