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Random ideas from someone who loves gunpowder warfare
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:03:37 am »
Hello as you can see my user name is chisledcarpet66 and im a terrible speller so brace your self's :D (but theirs spell cheak)

   1st idea A gears of war styled reloading system if you dont know what i mean go cheak out the game you have to have this in you game

   2nd Buff for fighting in a line, i know this isent knew but this idea is, the buff does not activate until you in line and you have to wait 10 or 15 second for it to activate, so that way marching in a line or being in a formation is a meta

3 Different marching speeds that stay constant pls we all know marching in a line in mount and blade pls dont do that in this game and alo if you do have different marching speeds make it were the slowest marching speed you can move and re gen stamina ,medium marching speed you dont regain staima but you move much faster and for the 2nd to fasted is run and the fastetests is a dead on sprint

4 Guns and weapons i remember the Austrins had a doubled barled musket and an air rifle
   there was the puckel gun and grenades for the grenadiers (they stop using grenades around 1750 but this is just a game :D )

5 this is for my friend, can you have a graphics options called potato PC and it makes the game look like crap but any PC can play the game no matter how crap it is
        C: 200+ player battles this could be use full C:

i could think of better ones later on but heres just a few i hope you could some war or form implement them :D