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Development Blog 15 - Artillery & New Uniforms

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Hello and welcome to blog 15!

We've been working hard since blog 14 and we are happy to introduce artillery into the Alpha build. Artillery in Whigs & Tories is a team effort, working alone is possible but slow. We feel the set up we have now will give purpose to Artillery crews on the battlefield, skill and team work will result in faster reloading times and more shots into the enemy position!

We've also added destructable enviroments!

New Uniforms.

Volt has made us some lovely uniforms. Right now we don't plan to add these until we're into the Beta stage of Whigs & Tories. Below the 71st Highlanders and 85e Are featured, enjoy!

Spoiler: 71st Highlanders • show

Spoiler:  85e Regiment • show

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Until the next blog.
The RSE Boys.

lookin great!

Can't wait to bash newbies with the ramrod   ;)


--- Quote from: [72nd]Wolffe on November 01, 2018, 06:01:18 pm ---lookin great!

--- End quote ---

Sexy! Nice work with the destruction mechanics!


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