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Régiment d'Agenois
« on: July 05, 2018, 02:32:01 am »
                                                                 Fidelitate et honore, terra et mare


The Régiment d'Agenois saw extensive service during the War of the Spanish Succession, being present at the Battle of Fridelingen (1702), the Battle of Blenheim (1704) and the Siege of Kehl (1707).

In March 1749 the regiment was merged into the Berry Regiment and ceased to exist as a separate unit. In 1776 however the Agenois Regiment was recreated from two battalions transferred from the Béarn Regiment.

The regiment, commanded by Baron de Cadignan, suffered heavy casualties in d'Estaing's unsuccessful assault at Savannah (1779). A detachment of the Agenois Regiment participated in the siege and capture of Pensacola in Florida by Spanish forces on 26 May 1781. Two of its battalions were among forces brought from the West Indies to Yorktown (1781). Under its commander, Comte d'Autichamp, the regiment participated in the capture of a British redoubt on 14 October. Its principal engagements in that theatre also included St Christophe and Les Saintes. The regiment provided a detachment that participated in the capture of St. Kitts from the British on 13 February 1782.

In 1791 the Agenois lost its traditional title and was retitled the 16e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne. In 1794 all regular infantry regiments of the old Royal Army were amalgamated with newly raised volunteer battalions, thereby losing their former identity.

During the reign of Louis XV the original Agenois Regiment wore a grey-white coat with red cuffs and waistcoat. According to the 1776 dress regulations, the newly re-established regiment wore the usual off-white uniform of the French line infantry with light red (effectively pink) lapels and cuffs and green collars. Buttons were of white (silver or pewter) metal. By the eve of the French Revolution (1789) their facing colour had been changed to a deep shade of purple.


To begin, i would like to tell you about us.

Welcome to the Regiment d'Agenois, We promote teamwork and Excellent melee in conjunction with very well placed shots.

Regiment Rules!
So the Rules, To start with here is a list of Rules that you can find being Enforced within our Ranks! (Note that a TL:DR version will be in brackets for those on a Time crunch!)

#1: (Listen at all times to the Commanding officers!) We understand that Events are for the Fun, but We also understand that Events have to be serious, while we wont object 90% of the time to you going a "Fun" unit, such as Flag bearer of Musician, it is important that when told to not go as that class, you listen

#2: (Give us advice!) You are Free to offer advice to the Officers in the event, chances are you are just as right with your tactics as we are, we are always open to learning from the enlisted, both you on field ideas, and your ideas off the field concerning the regiment as a whole, we want your input and we will gladly listen to it! However, Overcutting an officers order will result in a punishment of some description depending on the severity of the situation.

#3: (Your not Obligated to Attend) Dont feel like you are "Obligated" to attend our events, we understand that you have (or should have) a social life outside of the game, whether this be online, or offline, we want to ensure that no matter what, Your life, comes before the regiment, though we only really expect you to attend a minimum of 1 event a week, but you can be excused really easily for any personal reason, or just if you dont feel like attending that day, the Officers understand, We've certainly been there!

#4: (We Allow Racism And homophobia to a Degree) Exercise your freedom of Speech, We know that many regiments in WaT are against Racism and Homophobia to be "Politically Correct" but the Regimeny d'Agenois isnt, while we dont Encourage it, we by no means punish it, if it offends you that we allow this to happen, then i might suggest that you either not join, or failing that, Grow a Skin thats tough enough to take it, we dont outlaw people of the opposite Sex preference or gender from joining, the same with skin colour, everything we say is for a joke and it is vital to understand that before joining, however, if it is taken too far, and it is clearly meant to be an attack upon someone, I and the other officers will step in and deal with it.

#5: (Respect each other, no matter what) The most vital rule by far in my opinion, RESPECT, racism and homophobia aside, we want the regiment members to respect each other, aswell as respecting the other regiments we fight with, or against on the field of battle. we want this to be an environment for all ages, all races and backgrounds, just know what is a joke, and what isnt a joke, and have the same respect, if not more respect for the rankers, than the commanding Officers!

What You Shouldnt Do in the Regiment!

#1:(Dont ShitTalk other Regiments OR people)
No matter who you are, where you hail from, or your skill level in the event, dont talk shit or talk down on individuals or regiments, it makes us look bad, and it makes you look even worse, just dont do it, stay humble, its really not worth it.

#2: (Dont break the event rules)
Again, this more or less makes you look like an asshole, if you teamkill your TeamMates, or constantly break the rules, then expect a quick expulsion from the regiment, we dont want you if you break rules, we will drop you, and we WONT, look back. however we understand breaking one or two rules once out of ignorance.

Now, with that firmly established, lets discuss what WE as a regiment can offer YOU, the enlisted! (As Before a TL:DR will be included because i like to type alot!)

(A Chill an Mellow Environment) We can offer a Chilled and Mellow environment for you to grow and expand your skills in, no more will you be beared down upon by the higher ranks like other regiments, instead you will be treated as one of us, one of the family.

(We can Offer Strong and reliable Leadership), Our Leaders and NCO's alike are Skilled and experienced in their respective fields, but somewhere we are all strong in, is leading, we strive to keep you guys alive for as long as possible, nobody wants to die mid event, that sucks! so we employ varying tactics to keep as many of our valued men alive as possible!

But How can i contact you?!

Well there are a number of ways as it happens, firstly Through the Teamspeak, which i will link
(Its currently Our NW TS until i fix it up)
(TS Ip:

Secondly, you Can add me through steam, which i will link here also
    Colonel LordByron's Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lord__Byron/

    Disclaimer: I apologise for this not looking good at all, im new to the whole forum post thing, sorry if it hurts your eyes in any way!

    This is all the information you should need, however any questions asked below will be answered by me to the best of my abilities, thank you all!

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    Re: Régiment d'Agenois
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    Good luck, first frenchies  8)

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    Re: Régiment d'Agenois
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    Re: Régiment d'Agenois
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    Good luck! :)


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    Re: Régiment d'Agenois
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    Good luck baguette's!


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    Re: Régiment d'Agenois
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    Good luck!
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    Re: Régiment d'Agenois
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    Good luck and Vive le Roi!