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Media & Misc / some random graphics i made if anyone wants it
« on: June 09, 2018, 05:41:14 pm »
heres some WaT stuff i've made a while ago
Spoiler: American stuff • show

also if you're planning on having a Hessian or any german unit these would work as well
Spoiler: show


Dillon's Regiment was first raised in Ireland in 1688 by Theobald, 7th Viscount Dillon, for the Jacobite side in the Williamite War. He was then killed at the Battle of Aughrim in 1691.
During the Jacobite War the regiment went to France in April 1690 as part of Lord Mountcashel's brigade, in exchange for some French regiments amounting to 6,000 troops. After the Treaty of Limerick in 1691, the regiment remained in the service of the kings of France under its present name. It was next commanded in France by Theobald's younger son, Colonel Arthur Dillon, until 1733. Colonel James Dillon was KIA leading his regiment at the battle of Fontenoy in 1745 while his brother, Colonel Edward Dillon was killed at the Battle of Lauffelt two years later. The formation continued to recruit from the Wild Geese Irish exile community. By 1757, its uniform was the Irish Brigade's red coats (a carry over from its Jacobite origins), with the black facings indicating the regiment. A member of the Dillon family remained hereditary colonel-proprietor of the regiment up to 1747. Three caretaker commanders led the regiment until the last Dillon commander was old enough to take over in August 1767, as Louis XV wanted to maintain the link with the family which had given so much service.
As a part of the Irish Brigade, with the régiment de Bulkeley in 1775. From 1777 to 1782, the Dillon regiment fought as part of the French expeditionary force in the American Revolutionary War, capturing Grenada in 1779. It was also involved in the failed Franco-American siege of British-held Savannah in that year.

Commisioned Officers
Capitaine Andee
Lieutenant Rutger Müller - FancyPants

Non Comissioned Officers
Sergent Erwin Müller - Imperial
Caporal Dhismissed

Enlisted men

Soldat de Première SamTheZamER
Soldat de Deuxieme MUFFINZ
Soldat de Deuxieme AKBeast
Cadet Maccle

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