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Other Games / Warhammer 40k / Age of Sigmar
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:31:37 pm »
Tis just a place to talk about Warhammer. If you dont know what Warhammer is click on the spoilers . 

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

The colours of the Royal Highland Emigrants
Spoiler: show

 Regimental Flag of The King's Royal Regiment of New York
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Butlers Rangers
Spoiler: show

Volunteers of Ireland
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King's American Dragoons
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Royal American Regiment
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Regiments / Colonial Brigade - NA - EST 2015
« on: May 24, 2017, 12:49:01 am »


The Colonial Brigade, formed on the eve of the Revolutionary War, will be a highly competitive and organized detachment of brave British men. We aim to organize various regiments into a well-fit brigade, allowing our players to coordinate in battle and in trainings. The detachment will consist of skirmishers, line infantry, cavalry, and artillery. We will represent historical accuracy and discipline to the best of our ability, while creating a fun atmosphere for our player base. Through practice and drill, the Colonial Brigade aims to be dominant on the field of battle, representing the might and strength of British redcoats. If you are looking to join something greater than a regiment who runs around aimlessly on the field of battle, the Colonial Brigade will bring the structure, coordination, and discipline you desire. Join one of our regiments today~ God Save the King!

Overnight, the Massachusetts militia, nominally led by William Heath and Artemas Ward, converged on Boston, laying siege to the city. In the days immediately following, militia units from New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut arrived. The militia recovered over 180 pieces of artillery in raids on Ticonderoga and Crown Point for use in the siege. On May 25, 4,500 British reinforcements arrived in the city with three more senior officers; Major General William Howe, and Brigadiers John Burgoyne and Henry Clinton.

In an attempt to pacify the rebellion, Gage issued a proclamation on June 12 to pardon all those who would lay down their arms. However, it only inflamed the Patriots, and more flocked to their cause.
On June 17, British forces seized the Charlestown peninsula from the Americans after a costly assault. With over 1,000 casualties and the siege still unbroken, Gage was replaced by Howe as Commander-in-Chief. Many senior British officers wrote of their dismay at the attack, which had gained them little.Gage himself wrote to the Secretary of War in London:

"These people show a spirit and conduct against us they never showed against the French....They are now spirited up by a rage and enthusiasm as great as ever people were possessed of and you must proceed in earnest or give the business up. A small body acting in one spot will not avail, you must have large armies making diversions on different sides, to divide their force. The loss we have sustained is greater than we can bear. Small armies cannot afford such losses, especially when the advantage gained tends to do little more than the gaining of a post".





-2nd Lieutenant-

Non-Commissioned Officers

-Serjeant Major-

-1st sergeant-




-Veteran Private-




The CB works around a specific schedule of events. Although there are scheduled events every week, there will also be events which are arranged on the day such as 1v1's or 2v2's.


Sir Lawrence Cornwall
Duke LongTree

Teamspeak IP: WIP
Steam Group:
Interested in joining the CB ? If so then add Duke LongTree or the list of connects above on Steam!

Competitive Record

1v1 Record

Groupfighting Record

General Discussion / Favorite Revolutionary War Painting
« on: March 10, 2017, 09:28:36 pm »
The Battle of Trenton, Hessian Colonel Rall is mortally wounded, Dec. 26, 1776


Fusilier Regiment von Lossberg was Founded December 9, 2016. We strive to be the most historically accurate yet fun fusilier Hessian regiment in Whigs and tories.

Lossberg's regiment arrived in the first division of Hessian troops. Although the regiment suffered particularly from desertion on the journey from America, Lossberger diaries indicate that the troops were relatively eager to teach the colonists a lesson for having rebelled against their rightful King. I have noted before the age of some of the more senior Hessian commanders, but Atwood uses Lossberg to show that whilst the presence of veterans in the ranks no doubt brought much needed experience, it was not just the high command who were "long in the tooth": of the regiment's 35 NCOs, 16 were over forty and 10 over fifty.

The regiment fought at Long Island, White Plains and Fort Washington. It distinguished itself in the attack on Chatterton's Hill at White Plains, earning the admiration of Cornwallis. However, the regiment was stationed in Trenton when Washington attacked at the end of 1776. The survivors of Trenton were placed into the Combined Battalion that was formed of those soldiers who had escaped capture, and which was present at Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. In 1780 the regiment was renamed Alt-Lossberg and transferred to Canada.

To join the regiment, add Oberst Longtree on steam!

Spoiler: Youtube • show

Steam Group

Ranking Structure



Oberst Longtree
Oberfeldwebel Josanu
Unteroffizier Jango
Unteroffizier Hellboy
Füsilier Balter
Füsilier Pinecone
Füsilier Noober67
Füsilier Prince
Füsilier Death
Rekrut  Fire
Freund Rum
Freund IronSnail

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