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Events / Revival Event?
« on: May 13, 2018, 03:28:47 am »
So as a reenactor of the time period, I obviously love the American Revolution.
Therefore, I decided to make the proposition, that we have an event that attempts to revive the mod, until the stand alone comes out of course.

Please feel free to offer up times, days, whatever suggestions you may have.

That's about it.


Regiments / 1st Battalion of His Majesty's Royal Marines
« on: January 10, 2018, 01:39:03 am »

Seeking any and all able bodied men for immediate enlistment under MAJOR JOHN PITCAIRN
Enlistment stations in the port cities of EDINBURGH, LONDON, and BRISTOL

The 1st Battalion of His Majesty's Royal Marines is now recruiting! We are looking for anyone who wants to fight for king and country, and put down the rebellion in the colonies.

We are a Line Infantry Regiment, based in NA, however we will accept other time zones.

We are not a strict group as for rules, other than treat others like you want to be treated, listen to officers, and just overall be mature when you need to be.

History of the 1st

The 1st Battalion of His Majesty's Royal Marines was founded along side the Royal Navy, as the first "Marine" unit for the English Navy. They served the nation of England up until the creation of Great Britain. Under George the 1st, they were based in London, but soon found a new home port in Edinburgh, due to the high amount of Scottish soldiers and officers. By 1775, the 1st was one of the original units to arrive in Boston, and is most notorious for being first to come into contact with patriots at Lexington and Concord, as well as being the first unit over the redoubt (Rumored) at Bunker Hill; Where the 1st lost their much beloved commander, John Pitcairn. Soldiers in the Marines are said to have wept when he fell, crowding around him, ignoring the blaze of fire coming from the fortifications. The man credited for the kill was the notorious Peter Salem. He would be carried back to Boston, dying of his wounds within hours after the battle. The 1st would be transferred from army to army, serving in battles such as Saratoga and the siege of Yorktown. They are rumored to be the last British regiment to leave the colonies, and were possibly the ones to fire the "Last shot of the Revolution"



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