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General Discussion / Rate the signature above you :)
« on: April 09, 2018, 08:44:38 pm »
Rate the signature above you out of 10. Add a comment if you want  :)

Community / List of British Regiments! During American Revoloution
« on: January 31, 2018, 06:41:22 pm »

Bold one's are the names taken already!


Spoiler:  Foot Guards • show

1st Battalion ''Coldstream Guards''
2nd Battalion ''Grenadier Guards''


Spoiler: British Line Infantry • show

1st ''Royal'' Regiment of Foot
3rd Regiment of Foot or "Buffs" and "Royal East Kent Regiment"
4th ''The King's Own Lancaster'' Regiment of Foot
5th Regiment of Foot ''Royal Northumberland Fusiliers''
6th Regiment of Foot ''Royal Warwickshire Regiment''
7th Regiment of Foot ''Royal Fusiliers''
8th ''The King's'' Regiment of Foot
9th Regiment of Foot ''East Norfolk Regiment''
10th Regiment of Foot ''Royal Lincolnshire Regiment''
13th Regiment of Foot ''Prince Albert's'' or ''Somerset Light Infantry''
14th Regiment of Foot ''Prince of Wales's Own'' or ''West Yorkshire Regiment''
15th Regiment of Foot ''Sir William Clifton's Regiment of Foot'' or ''East Yorkshire Regiment''
16th Regiment of Foot
17th Regiment of Foot
18th ''Royal Irish ''Regiment of Foot
19th Regiment of Foot
20th Regiment of Foot
21st Regiment of Foot ''Royal North British Fusiliers''
22nd Regiment of Foot ''Cheshire Regiment''
23rd Regiment of Foot ''Royal Welch Fusiliers''
24th Regiment of Foot
26th Regiment of Foot
27th ''Inniskilling'' Regiment of Foot
28th Regiment of Foot
29th Regiment of Foot
30th Regiment of Foot
31st Regiment of Foot
33rd Regiment of Foot
34th Regiment of Foot
35th Regiment of Foot
37th Regiment of Foot
38th Regiment of Foot
39th Regiment of Foot ''DorsetShire''
40th Regiment of Foot
42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot
43rd Regiment of Foot
44th Regiment of Foot
45th Regiment of Foot
46th Regiment of Foot
47th Regiment of Foot
48th Regiment of Foot
49th Regiment of Foot
50th Regiment of Foot
52nd Regiment of Foot ''The Light Bobs''
53rd Regiment of Foot
54th Regiment of Foot
55th Regiment of Foot
57th Regiment of Foot
59th Regiment of Foot
60th ''Royal American'' Regiment of Foot
62nd Regiment of Foot
63rd Regiment of Foot
64th Regiment of Foot
65th Regiment of Foot
69th Regiment of Foot
70th Regiment of Foot ''Glasgow Lowland''
71st Regiment of Foot ''Frasers Highlanders''
73rd Regiment of Foot ''Perthshire Highlanders''
74th Regiment of ''Highland'' Foot
76th Regiment of Foot ''Macdonald's Highlanders''
79th Regiment of Foot ''Royal Liverpool Volunteers''
80th Regiment of Foot ''Royal Edinburgh Volunteers''
82nd Regiment of Foot
83rd Regiment of Foot ''Royal Glasgow Volunteers''
84th Regiment of Foot ''Royal Highland Emigrants, Loyalist''
105th Regiment of Foot ''Loyalist, ex Volunteers of Ireland''
110th Regiment of Foot ''ex King's American Regiment''


Spoiler:  West Indies regiments • show

85th Regiment of Foot ''Westminster Volunteers''
86th Regiment of Foot ''Rutland Regiment''
87th Regiment of Foot
88th Regiment of Foot
89th Regiment of Foot
90th Regiment of Foot ''Yorkshire Volunteers''
91st Regiment of Foot ''Shropshire Volunteers''
92nd Regiment of Foot
93rd Regiment of Foot
94th Regiment of Foot
99th Regiment of Foot ''Jamaica Regiment''


Spoiler:  H.M. Marine Forces • show

1st Battalion ''Royal Marines''
2nd Battalion ''Royal Marines''

|Mounted & Support|

Spoiler:  Royal Artillery • show

Royal Regiment of Artillery
Royal ''Irish'' Regiment of Artillery


Spoiler: Cavalry • show

16th Regiment of Light Dragoons
17th Regiment of Light Dragoons


Suggestions / My User Interface Ideas
« on: January 28, 2018, 07:58:12 pm »
This is a small project i'm going to be doing. Throwing random User interface ideas to see if they are useful. Feel Free to post yours.

Spoiler: Unit Selection • show


No Copyright Intended.

Community / Recommend Battles for Future events.
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:19:53 pm »
Post historical battle suggestions here.

General Discussion / New England army?
« on: January 23, 2018, 05:03:09 pm »
Is there going to be a new England army for this game or not. @32nd Regiment

Regiments / Looking to join a regiment? Post here!
« on: January 16, 2018, 08:44:13 am »

Looking to join format

Code: [Select]
[b]- Steam profile[/b] :
[b]- Faction looking for[/b] : 
[b]- Country[/b] :
[b]- Age[/b] :
[b]- What realism[/b] :


- Steam profile :
- Faction looking for :  UK
- Country : England
- Age : 16
- What realism : Semi-Realism

Community / 7th RoF Re-skin!
« on: December 29, 2017, 12:55:06 am »

7th Regiment Of Foot (Royal Fusiliers)

I have re-skinned the 52nd RoF unit to a 7th Fusiliers skin. Some screenshots below.
If there are any problems please state below. This is my first re-skin.

Place the files into the Whigs and Tories module textures directory. ( \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Whigs and Tories Final\Textures )
Allow the files to be replaced then you are done and ready to use.

What have i added:
- Regimental badge on to their shoulder mark.
- Added Lieutenant rank in pips to the officer shoulder mark (The ensign has it too as it using the officer uniform).
- Added regimental colours.
- Added numeric numbers to the bearskins, Caps and knapsacks.
- Added the regimental rank for our musicians.

Spoiler: Images of the re-skin • show

Download the mode here:

Community / Public Server - Brought to you by 7thRoF.
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:37:38 pm »

7th Regiment Of Foot (Royal Fusiliers)

The sever is currently only hosting 10 slots.
This is because not many people play the mod. As soon as more people start to play the mod more often the server will increase.
The server is paid for by my personal income ,but if your willing to donate in anyway then feel free to.

Server Details:

Host: Oasis Hosting
Server Owner: 7th RoF
Country Hosted: London, UK
Size: 10 slots
Server Name: Whigs&Tories_7thRoF

If there are any issues with server either PM on here or add my steam and PM me.

General Discussion / Here's how to get image links!
« on: December 26, 2017, 10:12:18 pm »
[url= THE URL][img] THE IMAGE URL [/img][/url]           

Just here to help people out if they need.  :D




The 7th Royal Fusiliers are a regiment for the game 'Whigs & Tories: American Revolution' We try encourage people to join us so they can have a immersive role-play experience. We aim to be the most; Disciplined, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Respectful and last, but not least the most immersive regiment.

We enforce quite a few guidelines. This is because we want to keep the regiment relaxed, but professional at the same time. Here you can see our guidelines: Rules & Regulations

Currently we have 3 company's which are; The Recruit Cadre, The Fusiliers of Line and The Light Company. We use historical commands (Such as 'Make Ready, Present, Fire' ) We will also be using realistic formations. You can find the formations we use on our website, although they are being updated rarely (which means we might change or add new formations in training, but not been updated on the website).

We have recently added realistic movement. Which means we will have our light's on the flank and line in the centre and will march towards the enemy for a bit more realism and fun. Alot of practice goes into this, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy.

The regiment offers tonnes of different aspects in which you can help or join. The regiment also offers help to all new recruits with a  phase one basic training course. We can also provide tournaments for players looking for PvP ,or if your looking for a role-play laid-back style you can join the weekly line-battle events. The regiment can provide a ranking system along with achievements and promotions. Here is a list of some of the options you can do:

- G1: Administration and Manpower. These people handle discharge requests and transfer request between company's.
- G3: Responsible for keeping track of events and who turns up-to them and who hasn't.
- G4: These people are in-charge on keeping the folders and applications in order.
- G5: These people help plan training sessions.
- G6: Responsible for keeping the website running, manage the teamspeak 3 and help with any technical issues.
- G7: These people help out and execute training sessions for everyone.
- G8: This person is responsible for our donation intakes.
- G9: These people are the recruiters they go round finding new recruits and also manage the media E.G. YouTube/Twitch Etc.


| Events |

Due to the game being unreleased at this point int time there are no events.
This will be updated in the future.

| Training |

Due to the game being unreleased at this point int time there are no training's.
Although we have an idea of the days which we think will be best suited for our training's.


On Monday's we will host the advanced movement training (Consisting of realistic formations) and the recruit phase one training.
To be updated in the future.


On Tuesday's we will host a regular training session going over what the members would like to do. (This can be melee practice, formations or even shooting).
To be updated in the future.


| Application methods |

1.Visit our website to apply. Click me
2.Apply below on our google forms.
3.Add a member and apply from them.
4.Join the team-speak and be taken through by a recruiter.

*If you are looking to join please ensure you have read the regulations.

Add one of our members on steam!

You can also aply straight from here on the application form. We will check all forms and get back to you within 48hrs!
Application Form:
.Click me to apply!


Steam: |Lieutenant|Dolan
Steam: |Regimental|Serjeant|Major|William

If you are interested in organising an event either contact us on here or add one of the contacts above.


Spoiler: Commissioned Officers  • show

.Colonel - Col
.Lieutenant-Colonel - Lt-Col
.Major - Maj
.Captain - Capt
.Lieutenant - Lt
.Ensign - Ens

Spoiler: Non Commissioned Officers • show

.Serjeant-Major - SgtMaj
.Colour-Serjeant - CSgt
.Serjeant - Sgt
.Corporal - Cpl


Spoiler: Enlisted • show

.Lance-Corporal - LCpl
.Fusilier - Fus
.Private - Pte
.Recruit - Rct

Spoiler: Company Shako and Musicians • show

.Cadet Cadre
.Fusilier Company
.Light Infantry Company

.Fifer - Fifer
.Drummer - Drum


Ingame Tags: |7th|Rank|Surname


Lt. Dolan


RSM. George

CSjt. Blake

Sjt. Wiggles

Cpl. Mannis
Cpl. Brock

Officers: 1
NCO's: 5
Enlisted: 14
Strength: 20

Fusilier Company       

    Fus. Martin

    Pte. Kelly
    Pte. Hunter

    Drum. Gubban
  Recruit Cadre       
  Recruit. Drunk
  Recruit. Erik
  Recruit. Logical
  Recruit. Razoran
  Recruit. Alpha
  Recruit. Mugs
  Recruit. Fox

Light Infantry Company

Fus. Gurr

Pte. Lenny
Pte. Tiche

Do not copy anything from this post without asking first!

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