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Events / ♚ 1st Foot Guards Historical Linebattle Event ♚ [NA]
« on: September 24, 2017, 03:46:53 am »

Lets do linebattling right!



          Welcome. The 1st Foot Guards is a North American/European based regiment, consisting of extremely experienced leadership coming from Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. The 1st is looking for mature players who are willing to take the unit seriously and follow our simple rules. We are looking to be a very active, realistic, and serious regiment with drill and realistic linebattles. We will pride ourselves on being honorable on and off the battlefield and giving off an aura of respect.This regiment is currently a part of the Colonial Brigade, enhancing the linebattling experience to the expansion of a coordinated army!


If you are interested in joining the 1st Foot Guards, simply click on one of the officer's steam link in the recruitment guide section. An officer will be in contact with you shortly. Join us today for a great gaming experience!

Ranking Structure


Colonel~ Col.
Major~ Maj.
Captain~ Cpt.
Lieutenant~ Lt.
Ensign~ Ens.
Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant-Major~ SjtMaj.        '
Colour Serjeant~ CSjt.
Serjeant~ Sjt.
Corporal~ Cpl.
Enlisted Men
Lance Corporal~ LCpl.
Grenadier~ Gren.
Private~ Pte.
Recruit~ Rct.

Historical Overview
-First Foot Guards


With the advent of hostilities in England’s American colonies, an elite detachment from the Foot Guards was formed.  On February 13, 1776, the Guards Headquarters in London received orders.  A brigade of guards was to be chosen from the three regiments of Foot Guards.  They were destined for service in the war upon the colonists.  Fifteen privates were chosen from each of the sixty-four companies of Foot Guards.  Officers and other personnel necessary to the proper function of the brigade were also drawn.  They were divided into ten companies:  eight companies of regular infantry, one of light infantry and one of grenadier.  Colonel Edward Mathew* of the Coldstream Guards was to be given command with the rank of brigadier.  The brigade, numbering thirty officers and 1,062 men of guards, left for New York on May 2, 1776.

The brigade arrived in New York on August 12, 1776 under the convoy of Commodore Hotham.  British commander-in-chief General William Howe ordered they be formed into two battalions of five companies each.


On November 15, 1776, the Guards were ordered to leave their camp at Kingsbridge and carry one day’s provisions.  The plan of attack was four-pronged.  The main assault was launched from the north by Hessian General Kynphausen.  General Percy brought up the column from New York City and attacked from the south.  The 42nd regiment or ‘black watch’ crossed Harlem Creek and attacked from the southeast.  Brigadier Mathew led the Brigade of Guards and the Brigade of light infantry down Harlem Creek to attack from the northeast.  Knyphausen accepted the surrender of the Americans as his Hessian’s bore the brunt of the assault and suffered heavily.  There were no casualties among the Guards. Throughout the rest of the War, the Guards fought in mostly every major battle, earning valor and a prestigious reputation among British Regiments of the era.

"God Save the King!"

1st Foot Guards Grenadier Company
1st Foot Guards- Recruitment


First of all, thank you for showing interest in our regiment. Our officers worked hard to build a stable, fun, and family oriented community. We pride ourselves on the brotherhood we have achieved. The regiment is accepting all players who are willing to embark on a long journey of professionalism and persistence on the battlefield. Once you have entered the unit, you will be given the rank of Recruit- the standard beginners rank of all British regiments. After the staff gets to know you, and you show consistency with attendance, you will be promoted to Private. From then on it us up to you to be dedicated and rise through the ranks. If you are interested in joining the 1st Foot Guards, simply click on one of the officer's steam link and add them. An officer will be in contact with you shortly. Join us today for a great gaming experience!

Brigadier General, Commanding Officer George Cornwall



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