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Events / ♚ 1st Foot Guards Historical Linebattle Event ♚ [NA]
« on: September 24, 2017, 03:46:53 am »

Lets do linebattling right!




Seeking any and all able bodied men for immediate enlistment under LT. COLONEL WILLIAM FRASER
Enlistment stations in the port cities of GLASGOW, LOGAN, and EDGAR

The 71st Highland Regiment is now recruiting! We are looking for anyone who wants to fight for king and country, and put down the rebellion in the colonies.

The 71st Regiment of Foot was formed on May 23rd, 2017 for one purpose; to be the very best and brightest regiment in the upcoming game Whigs and Tories. The Fraser Highlanders will focus on discipline, skill, and honoring the original regiment in history by practicing time-period accurate drill and fighting tactics. Please see bellow for recruitment information!


Regimental Staff & Officers

Lt. Colonel- LtCol.
  Major- Maj.
Captain- Cpt.
Lieutenant- Lt.
Ensign- Ens.

Non-Commissioned Officers

  Serjeant Major- SjtM.
Pipe-Serjeant- PipeSjt.
   Colour-Serjeant- CSjt.
  Serjeant- Sjt.
   Corporal- Cpl.

Enlisted Men

Lance-Corporal- LCpl.
Private- Pte.
  Recruit- Rec.

Follow the steps below to Enlist! Not all applicants will be accepted.

Application. All new members must visit our site at - There you will make an account. Once made, return to the home screen. Proceed to the Enlistment tab. An application will appear for you to fill out; complete the form and then click submit for your application to be reviewed.

Steam Contact. After posting your application on the website (or if you need help with this process) you will have to add our Recruitment Officer on steam. This officer will then look over your application and determine if you are qualified to join the regiment. Lt-Col. William Fraser

Teamspeak. If you do not have teamspeak 3 installed, you will be required to download it to join the regiment. Teamspeak is a safe, reliable, and free program the 71st uses to communicated during our events. Please visit this download site and install the "Client 64Bit" version.

Respect. When joining the 71st Highland Regiment, you can expect to be respected by all of our members. Although this is just a game for pleasure, we want all of our members to feel like the 71st is a second home where they are free to express themselves in a positive way.

Organization. Unlike most regiments, the 71st will be highly organized. We will be keeping track of every members attendance and their contributions to drill & battle. Ranks will NOT be handed out, for they will be given to members who earned their status. Medals will also be presented to members who perform particularly well in drill & battle.

Fun. The 71st's main goal is to have fun! After all, this is a game. We wish to be competitive, organized, and reach towards perfection; however, none of this matters unless every member is having fun.

Regiment Officers
Lieutenant Colonel William Fraser

Captain Robert Muller

Non-Commissioned Officers

Serjeant Thomas Gardner

Corporal Samuel Westbury
Corporal James Brock

Enlisted Men
Lance Corporal Christian Knight
Lance Corporal William Spencer
Lance Corporal Callum Meade

Private Huxley Ward
Private Henry Jango

Recruit Johnson Newborn
Recruit Luke Bentze
Recruit Frederick Stewart
Recruit Zak Graham
Recruit Comfort Kenly

Regimental Strength
Officers: 2
NCO's: 3
Enlisted: 10

Total Strength: 15


The regiment embarked for North America in April 1776. During the journey some of the troops of the Cameron clan mutinied when they heard they would not be commanded by Captain Cameron of Lochiel but settled down when they heard that their commander was Captain Cameron of Fassifern. The ship arrived in New York City in July 1776 and the regiment was attacked by American troops on arrival at Boston Harbor.

The 71st Regiment of Foot joined General William Howe at Staten Island and was order into combat almost immediately. The grenadiers were commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Stewart and the other companies were placed under the command of Brigadier Sir William Erskine. The regiment first saw action at the Battle of Long Island in August 1776; the British forces were successful and only three soldiers from the regiment were killed and only 11 wounded.

The next operation for the 71st Regiment was at the Battle of Fort Washington in November 1776 followed by the Battle of Fort Lee later that month. The regiment went on to take part in the Philadelphia Campaign and saw action at the Battle of Brandywine in September 1777. A detachment of 71st Regiment under Captain Colin MacKenzie supported General John Burgoyne's operations along the Hudson River including the capture of Forts Clinton and Montgomery in October 1777.

The regiment also took part in actions in the Southern theatre and fought under Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Campbell at the Capture of Savannah in December 1778. At Savannah, Campbell ordered Sir James Baird to take a group of infantry and flank the Americans, while he arrayed his troops just out of view: the Americans were unaware they had been flanked, were routed and abandoned the city. The regiment, now under the command of Lieutenant Colonel John Maitland, went on take part in the Battle of Brier Creek in March 1779; at Brier Creek the 1st Battalion of the regiment attacked the Americans at the front while the 2nd Battalion attacked them from the rear: again the Americans were routed.

After that the regiment took part in the Siege of Savannah in September 1779: during the this action the regiment successfully defended the city. The regiment was also present at the Siege of Charleston in March 1780, the Battle of Camden in August 1780 and the Battle of Cowpens in January 1781. It next fought at the Battle of Guilford Court House in March 1781 where one officer of the 71st Regiment claimed that "one half of the Highlanders dropped on that spot." The regiment's last action was at the Siege of Yorktown in September 1781.


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