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Title: Donation Perks.
Post by: Marks on March 09, 2017, 08:28:58 pm
If you're thinking of donating, firstly thank you for considering us. Below are the perks you would receive for doing so.

Any donation is very much appreciated and shall be used to further the development of the game.


1. FREE Donator board access. - Invite your steam friends list to our steam group, Once you have done this please contact Me ( and I will check the steam group logs, once confirmed I will give you donator permissions on this website.

* You will need to have an account on the forums for us to give permissions.


1. 10 = Donator Board access / Exclusive Wallpapers.

2. 20 = Donator Board access / Exclusive Wallpapers / Game Key.

3. 40 = Beta Access / Donator Board access / Wallpapers/ Game Key.

4. 75 = 1 Alpha/Beta Access, Game Key, wallpapers.

5. 100 = 2 Game Keys, 1 Alpha Access, wallpapers.

6. 150+ = All perks as well as a Forum title "Key Donator"

* 100 slots open, 50 for kickstarter reward & 50 for outside kickstarter sales
* : 2 remaining

Click this image to donate, thank you!

( (

*No donation should made unless you have the bill payers permission.
Title: Re: Donation Perks.
Post by: Marks on July 15, 2018, 05:39:36 pm
Kickstarter offer is now over, returning to regular pricing.